Pool wiring is among one of our specialties from complete new pool installations to adding a heater, new filter, new ground, or salt generator. We have our own digging equipment and hold licenses in all of Long Island. Pools make up about half of our entire operation in the spring and summer seasons.

Some of the newest equipment we commonly install are the following:

Salt Generator: A salt generator does not replace chlorine, it makes it! Many people are confused and think that a pool is less sanitary because there is “no chlorine.” In reality, there is just as much chlorine. In short, salt is NaCl (Sodium Chloride).  If we break off the Na (Sodium), we are left with the Cl (Chlorine) which is released in to the pool water. A Salt Generator is very good at keeping the chlorine level of a pool consistent. You can even set how much chlorine you want the system to generate! If you’re a new pool owner or have never had the pleasure of maintaining a pool with brick or powder form chlorine, you will never know how much of a headache it can be. As an electrician and pool owner, we HIGHLY recommend a salt generator for both existing and new pools.

Once the salt generator is installed and set up, you do not have to add any more salt or chlorine except for the occasional shock if you had many people in the pool such as a pool party. Compared to traditional chlorine, salt generators are relatively maintenance free.

Salt Generator Install by the electricians of Peter Lombardo Electric of Deer Park, Long Island

Salt Generator install on a pool with a basic on/off timer

Heat Pump: A heat pump takes the ambient air temperature and extracts heat from it, through a coil, and gets that heat in to your pool water. In the summer when it is warm out, this is much more efficient than a gas or propane heater. By no means a necessity, but with the prices of equipment coming down and the advancement of technology, heat pumps today are much more affordable

Pool Automation: We’re one of the sole contractors on Long Island that wire and troubleshoot the following pool automation systems.

-Hayward Omni: Perhaps one of the most commonly installed units at this point in time. Hayward has had this automation system out for a few years and is very reliable. Control your heat pump, lights, pool pump, and virtually anything else you want right from your smart phone. We have installed many of these since their inception in 2018 and have quite a few lined up to be installed this summer.

-Jandy Aqualink: Again, control the components of your pool from your smart phone device. The Jandy systems are a bit more complicated but work just as well

Hayward Omni System

Equipotential Bonding or “grounding”: Your pool needs to be bonded to reduce voltage gradients in the area. All pool equipment needs to be bonded together in a continuous fashion along with all metal parts of the pool as well as the water and lights. Possibly one of the most important aspects of a pool, this is one of the things that keeps everybody safe in the event of an electrical fault.

Licensed in every county and town on Long Island, we serve the entirety of Suffolk and Nassau for both pool companies and many customers directly.

Here are some pictures of recent pool systems we’ve wired:

Feel free to contact us for an estimate or to schedule an appointment at 631-242-2970

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Steve Teri

May 17, 2023at 12:16 pm

I need my new Comfortemp heat pump 110k btu installed electrically. It’s already plumbed in. Now the wiring. Can you help me with this?

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