Electric Vehicle Chargers

We are not new to the field of electric vehicle chargers.
In America there are a lot of electric vehicles for sale.
Some of these are as follows:

•Bolloré Bluecar
•BMW i3
•Chevrolet Spark
•Chevrolet Volt
•Fiat 500e
•Ford Focus Electric
•Honda Fit EV
•Kandi Technologies KD5011
•Kia Soul EV
•Lada Ellada
•Mitsubishi i MiEV
•Nissan Leaf
•Peugeot iOn/Citroën C-ZERO
•Renault Fluence ZE,
•Renault Zoe
•Smart ED,
•Tesla Model S,
•Tesla Model X,
•Toyota RAV 4 EV
•Toyota Prius
•Volkswagen e-Up!
•Volkswagen e-Golf
•Wheego Whip LiFe,

Most common are the Tesla Model S and Chevrolet Volt but all installations are extremely similar.
It’s important to conduct a load calculation when needed for long distance runs.
In some townships it is also necessary to have an electrical inspection after the installation. We provide for these services as well.