Residential jobs include troubleshooting, outlet installations, lighting, kitchen remodels and rewiring, pool and spa wiring, generator installs and service, and countless others.

Residential work is the heart of our business.  It is something we take very seriously.  Our electricians are the finest in the trade and are carefully screened, interviewed, and auditioned before becoming a part of our team.  It is one thing to simply go to trade school and be a residential electrician or helper, it is another to be a PLES Electrician.  It is not enough to know just the theories and concepts of electrical wiring.  A great electrician knows building structure, layout, and is knowledgeable in other trades such as framing, sheetrock, and plumbing.

When we go into a house to run a line or troubleshoot a circuit or receptacle that is not working, there is always the possibility that we will have to cut or open up a section of the wall.  There is an art to this.  A good electrician will find the problem and repair it.  A great electrician, our electricians, will find the problem in a minimally invasive manner in such a way that the sheetrock will not have to be touched or worst case can be most easily repaired.  A very experienced electrician often will not have to cut open a section of wall that a less experienced electrician would have to.  This is important in determining who you want servicing your house.

Lighting Installation:  There are no lights in a particular room and a customer would like to add hi-hat lighting.  This is the most common scenario for a lighting installation.  We can most usually take existing power from a receptacle in the room or an existing switch and install hi-hats and trims of your choice.  Increasingly popular are LED hi-hat trims.  They are more money than a traditional trim and bulb combination but the life of the fixture certainly justifies the cost!

Outlet/Receptacle Installation:  Call it an outlet or call it a receptacle, we know what needs to be done!  Many times a customer will need a dedicated receptacle for a clothing drier, hair drier, stove, washing machine, air conditioner, toaster oven, microwave, or any other appliance for that matter.  Each application requires a different load and we run the circuits accordingly.  Sometimes, an outdoor outlet is desired for outdoor appliances and lighting or more outlets are desired on the same circuit.

Pool and Spa Lighting: Pools, hottubs, spas, indoor and outdoor alike.  When you’re ready for the big install, we’re here to do it.

Generators:  There is a separate page for generators here because they are increasingly popular.  Generators have become almost a standard for Long Island and east coast housing.  We are susceptible to big winter storms that tear down utility lines, pounding rain that shorts out and destroys utility transformers, and blistering summers that shut down the power grid.  There are multiple options for generator installations as well ranging from a simple NEC rated lock out mechanism utilizing a portable generator to a fully automated standby generator.  Check out our generator page here or call us for more information!

Troubleshooting and Repair Work:
Most residential repair work (conducted by a legitimate, experienced company at least) is billed on a time and materials basis.

Repair and troubleshooting for one technician is based on a labor rate of $175.00 per hour.  The minimum charge for us to dispatch a technician is $175.00.  After one hour, the time is prorated based on $175.00 per hour. 

To save you time and money, we will dispatch a technician and helper at our discretion. Our labor rate for a technician and helper is $250.00/hour.

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Elizabeth Traxler

November 8, 2022at 1:53 am

I am looking to have the conduit moved for my swimming pool. It goes to the light and used to be under a diving board. We no longer have the diving bird and would like to have it moved back 3-5 feet away from the pool into ankle
Wooded area. We are redoing the pool/masonry and would like this fixed prior to the masonry.

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