One of our specialties is outdoor parking lot and building lighting.   We service many local school districts with our three bucket trucks.

We are proud to work at such places that are learning environments. We have done countless scoreboards, computer system rewiring, full school circuits, and many other highschool, college, university, and institutional jobs.

Scoreboards: PLES Electric works closely with Long Island Gym Equipment, Co. to supply and install scoreboards across Long Island, New York, and New Jersey.  Most commonly, we supply and install Daktronics systems for Highschools and Colleges.  This is not limited to scoreboards, however.  We have also installed digital message boards at churches and schools alike.

Computer System Wiring: All schools have elaborate computer rooms for technical and computer education today.  These systems usually require intricate wiring, dedicated for each computer station.

Parking Lighting: One of our longest running specialties.  We have been in the electrical business for over 35 years now and installing, repairing, and replacing parking lighting has been a specialty since the beginning.  Our bucket fleet is equipped to handle light poles up to 95 feet high.  Most lighting applications are well under 60 feet with the majority of these being around 35 feet.  It is a big topic today as LED lighting is paving the way for a quite literally brighter future.  In some cases it is not economical to change the entire parking lighting to LED in one shot but depending on your township and state, there may be rebates that cover some of the cost.

Every day we are out repairing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) parking lot fixtures and more frequently installing LED fixtures.  There are many, many, companies that manufacture LED fixtures, but just as we commonly supply and install Daktronics Scoreboards, we commonly supply and install RAB LED fixtures.

Scoreboard install at Plainedge High School

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