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General Contracting

When taking on a big project, many folks wonder if they should take on the role of General Contractor. Our company is in a position in which our customers are General Contractors and homeowners alike so we’ve seen a lot over the years. As a trade professional who deals with professional General Contractors, not-so-professional General

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Heated Driveways

Don’t like shoveling snow in the winter? Neither do we. As technology evolves, it has become much easier and cost effective to install electric heating units in driveways and walkways so that one does not need to shovel/snowthrow/plow to remove snow. It’s critical to turn on a heated driveway/walkway system before it begins snowing, but

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Aluminum to copper wirenuts

Aluminum Wiring

We get more questions about aluminum wiring here on Long Island than anything else related to electricity in homes.  There are many websites out there with good yet often impractical information on aluminum wiring. We’ve been doing this for 38 years and to date have never had a problem with how we remedy aluminum wiring!

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